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Roma Amor. The Love Affair Continues With Some Rome Favorites and Best Restaurants

Who doesn’t love a good palindrome? And one so appropriate for the city of Rome (or Roma) and my feelings for it each time I’m there.

Continue reading “Roma Amor. The Love Affair Continues With Some Rome Favorites and Best Restaurants”


We’re Going To Barcelona And Italy!

We’re doing our next sisters foodie travel trip this fall, and we’re going to Continue reading “We’re Going To Barcelona And Italy!”

Restaurant Short List for Florence, Italy

While you enjoy the sights of Florence, make time for the good eats. Here’s my restaurant “short” list Continue reading “Restaurant Short List for Florence, Italy”

Lessons in Florence, Italy

Michaelangelo's David at Accademia
Michaelangelo’s David at Accademia

What they say is true! Florence (or Firenze to be proper) is beautiful and historic, and the art is pure insanity. Continue reading “Lessons in Florence, Italy”

When In Rome, Choose Your Restaurants Well

A trip to Rome could never be complete without delicious eats! But beware of tourist traps – they are everywhere and can ruin your day (and wallet). Continue reading “When In Rome, Choose Your Restaurants Well”

Suggestions For A Roman Holiday

Anah and I had less than 48 hours in Rome, but somehow saw most highlights without feeling overly scheduled. Continue reading “Suggestions For A Roman Holiday”

Pizza Temple Open Til Dough Runs Out: Una Pizza Napoletana

I have a soft spot for chefs who run arrogantly illogical business models Continue reading “Pizza Temple Open Til Dough Runs Out: Una Pizza Napoletana”

Mesmerizing Video About … A Scarf?

I have no idea why I find this video so addictive – the music, editing, woman?! Continue reading “Mesmerizing Video About … A Scarf?”

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