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Surprise in Basel – Dinner at Rubino Restaurant

Basel has a bad rep for an uninspiring food scene, but you just have to know where to look! The quality of Swiss produce and food items is excellent Continue reading “Surprise in Basel – Dinner at Rubino Restaurant”

The Italian-Swiss life, part two – Lugano, Switzerland

In addition to being a beautiful town to explore, Lugano was a lovely food vacation from the typical Swiss fare. Though still expensive (as all Swiss things are), Continue reading “The Italian-Swiss life, part two – Lugano, Switzerland”

The Italian-Swiss life, part one – Lugano, Switzerland

This past weekend my friend Elle and I forgot it was a three-day holiday, so we booked a last-minute lake vacation in Lugano. Switzerland is primarily split Continue reading “The Italian-Swiss life, part one – Lugano, Switzerland”

Musings from the train

I now live in Switzerland. It’s crazy.

Similar to my NYC residence, the move only entered my realm of reality a year before it happened. I never dreamed Continue reading “Musings from the train”

“At Home” in Zurich – A Charming Brunch in A Charming City

I’m back in Switzerland this week, and it reminds me that this country is much more known for its scenery …

Zurich (photo credit: Zurich Tourism)

… than its cuisine – outside of fondue and insanely addictive chocolate. Continue reading ““At Home” in Zurich – A Charming Brunch in A Charming City”

An Underground Surprise: Kornhauskeller in Bern

A “large” city in Switzerland, Bern boasts shopping and pretty architecture. It was a nice place to spend an afternoon.

The streets are packed with side-by-side buildings and storefronts, but Bern was also littered with sweet surprises. Continue reading “An Underground Surprise: Kornhauskeller in Bern”

Nguyening Photos: Hello From Switzerland

Good Morning (train to Rigi) Continue reading “Nguyening Photos: Hello From Switzerland”

Moral Opposition to $36 Pad Thai

As fancy as some try to make pad thai, at its core it is still Thai street food. Continue reading “Moral Opposition to $36 Pad Thai”

Basel Fasnacht aka The Creepiest Parade/Festival Known to Mankind

I coincidentally started my Swiss secondment in time for Fasnacht (“carnival”) in Basel Continue reading “Basel Fasnacht aka The Creepiest Parade/Festival Known to Mankind”

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