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Quinoa-Butternut Squash-Chorizo Enchiladas con Salsa Roja

Enchiladas are all about the sauce – which, if made right, is smokey, tangy, savory, slightly sweet and spicy. Continue reading “Quinoa-Butternut Squash-Chorizo Enchiladas con Salsa Roja”

Chocolate-Hazelnut Macaron Torte

OK. I know I already told you that I’ve made the best dish of 2013. But this. This, my friends, Continue reading “Chocolate-Hazelnut Macaron Torte”

Make it Work! Cheater Gourmet Pizza/Flatbread in 15 Minutes

Sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have. I’m all for making pizza the old fashioned way Continue reading “Make it Work! Cheater Gourmet Pizza/Flatbread in 15 Minutes”

Egg Salad with Pickled Celery and Fennel

Celery. How I loathe thee. There’s just so damn much of you! I know Continue reading “Egg Salad with Pickled Celery and Fennel”

Smoked Salmon with Grapefruit, Fennel, and Cucumber

Spring is in the air! And I wanted to show you all a quick little salad Continue reading “Smoked Salmon with Grapefruit, Fennel, and Cucumber”

Coconut Orange Blossom Macaroons

Poor macaroons. I always felt a little bad for the sad pile of coconut macaroons languishing Continue reading “Coconut Orange Blossom Macaroons”

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in this world: cake people and frosting people. Continue reading “Two Kinds of People”

Stuffed Cabbage with Beef, Pork, and Kasha in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

So you’ve listened to me and followed my advice and now you have produced the pot of kasha Continue reading “Stuffed Cabbage with Beef, Pork, and Kasha in a Spicy Tomato Sauce”

Buckwheat Kasha with Caramelized Mushrooms and Fresh Dill

While living in Russia, my ultimate least favorite dish was kasha – boiled buckwheat groats. Buckwheats have a strong, nutty flavor and is packed full of nutrients. Continue reading “Buckwheat Kasha with Caramelized Mushrooms and Fresh Dill”

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