Strolling through, essentially, the real-life version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast village. (That’s me in the photo!)

Colmar is a quaint town that I often take visitors to – plus it’s less than an hour’s drive from Basel.

Much of Colmar is closed on Mondays (not Sundays; unfortunately something I learned the hard way). But now I know that when most of Europe closes Sunday, Colmar is a good option to spend the day.

I always make time to stop into Patisserie Gilg for some fine, sweet treats. It’s located in the middle of the historic center. There is no seating in the patisserie, but you can enjoy your indulgences on benches al fresco at the little courtyard nearby.


In terms of restaurants, I usually follow Anah’s wise philosophy and find the cafes that have lots of locals in it. We went to Jadis et Gourmande, which is a cafe/tea room with a love for teddy bear decor. (It was also very close to Patisserie Gilg …) The most popular lunch dishes seemed to be the large salad with fried goat cheese and a meat pie (pictured below). We enjoyed the simple, rustic cuisine.

Jadis et Gourmande

Fun fact: Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, was born in Colmar and there is a museum to his works there. You can leave NYC, but NYC will always find you.

Happy strolling,



Patisserie Gilg

60 grand-rue, 68000 Colmar France

Tel : +33 3 89 23 96 84

Jadis et Gourmande

8 place du marche aux fruits, Colmar, France

Tel: +33 3 89 41 73 76

(Feature photo credit: N. Blot)