On our way to Vietnam this past May, I got a chance to stop by a city I’ve been dreaming about visiting since I was a kid: Hong Kong! I watched a lot of TVB dramas (Hong Kong dramas) when I was little so that may have influenced me…just a bit. 🙂

We didn’t spend much time in Hong Kong, but really 48 hours is all you need to get a good sense of the city. If you want to visit some of the temples or big bubbha, you may need to add on an extra day or 2 as those trips require you to go outside the city.

Before getting into things to do or places to go, you need to know about the OCTOPUS CARD. I absolutely loved these cards as they are not only used to pay for transportation (buses, metro,etc..) but also basic convenience stores (i.e. 7-elevens) and even McDonald’s – so convenient! If you go to Hong Kong, first thing on your list should definitely be “Buy octopus card”. Find more information here.

Below is a summary of what we did:

Late dinner on the streets – Spicy Crab stall around the Yau Ma Tei metro stop.
There were plenty of live seafood displayed on the streets so just take  your pick and they’ll catch it for you. Even though this is street food, remember it’s Hong Kong and nothing ever is super cheap.
Despite the name, we didn’t get any spicey crab. We got a scallop and shrimp dish. My favorite was the shrimp with glass noodles, garlic, onion, and special sauce. Surprisingly so good and buttery!

Victoria Peak – Get there early around 9 AM or else you’ll have a long line to wait in. You ride up on trolleys and when you’ve reached the top, you have a fantastic view of Hong Kong.

Avenue of the Stars – Much like the Hollywood Walk of Fame but the Asian version

Dim Sum – Can’t go to Hong Kong and not eat some dim sum! We went to 2: Tim Ho Wan and Dim Sum Square.Tim Ho Wan is the only dim sum restaurant with/that has every had a michelin star but in my opinion, Dim Sum Square was by far the better of the 2. Standard dim sum you have to try:

MALLS, MALLS, MALLS! – People love malls in Hong Kong! A couple of the malls we went to were the IFC mall (tallest building in Hong Kong) and The Landmark (central).