The biggest food splurge of my life (so far), but the most memorable dining experience to date. This was an Experience with a capital E!

Geranium in Copenhagen is currently the #42 restaurant in the world.

Inspired by terroir and seasonality, the head chef and co-owner’s new Nordic cuisine places Denmark’s natural produce centre-stage with vegetables given equal billing on the menu alongside outstanding meat and seafood. Dishes are light and invigorating with exquisite presentation incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone. Highlights from the ‘Universe’ tasting menu include king crab with lemon balm and cloudberries; and venison with smoked lard and beetroot. There is also plenty of skill and invention in a dish of razor clams, served in thin edible dough ‘shells’, which are painstakingly painted with squid ink to look like the real thing.

[Chef Rasmus] Kofoed trained at Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen and Michelin-starred Scholteshof in Belgium before setting up Geranium with business partner and head sommelier Søren Ledet. He has won bronze, silver and gold at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or cooking competition in France – a feat that has catapulted him into the public eye and made him one of Denmark’s most respected chefs.

For what you get (a very special 22-course meal), perhaps the $265 price tag isn’t that insane (though still crazy thinking I spent that much on a meal). Be careful, the price quickly adds up as you combine with delicious wines.

For a complete play-by-play, click here for photos and descriptions.

Do you think I’m insane that I went here and spent that much on food?


These were the “razor clams” with hand-painted crisp shells!