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August 2014

That one time I ate 22 courses … (Dinner at Geranium)

The biggest food splurge of my life (so far), but the most memorable dining experience to date. This was an Experience with a capital E! Continue reading “That one time I ate 22 courses … (Dinner at Geranium)”


The dangers of too much travel – being a plant murderer

My sweet, Swiss neighbor gave me this bonsai tree as a welcome gift. On the left, what it looked like Continue reading “The dangers of too much travel – being a plant murderer”

The Italian-Swiss life, part two – Lugano, Switzerland

In addition to being a beautiful town to explore, Lugano was a lovely food vacation from the typical Swiss fare. Though still expensive (as all Swiss things are), Continue reading “The Italian-Swiss life, part two – Lugano, Switzerland”

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