I’m back in Switzerland this week, and it reminds me that this country is much more known for its scenery …

Zurich (photo credit: Zurich Tourism)

… than its cuisine – outside of fondue and insanely addictive chocolate.

(The amount of chocolate and sweets I brought home when moving back to the States filled an entire Samsonite suitcase. I barely had enough room for clothes and shoes. I had to wear four layers of clothing on the plane so I could bring everything back!)


Besides for a coffee/café culture, eating out is not common. Mainly because it is just so dang expensive! Most places an entree is $30+.

I am so used to NYC where eating-out is a lifestyle and “brunching” a ritual. So when my NYC friend moved to Zurich he went on a crusade to find a decent brunch spot – luckily he succeeded (it wasn’t easy)!

Kafi Dihei (translated to “At Home” in English) might not look like much on the outside …


… but inside it is charming …



… and serves legit brunch that will remind you of brunching in the West Village. Get the veggie omelet!



Kafi Dihei: Zurlindenstrasse, 231 (Zürich Neighborhood: Kreis 3), Tel: 044 557 43 48, http://www.kafidihei.ch