We’re doing our next sisters foodie travel trip this fall, and we’re going to Barcelona (1st time for all of us!) and Italy (1st time for LL!). We’re very excited.

General itinerary:

  • 3 days in Barcelona
    • Considering a day trip to Girona. Thoughts?
  • 5 days in Italy
    • Rome
    • Florence
    • Possibly day trip to Ostia Antica. Thoughts? Heard this is a reasonable substitute if one doesn’t have time to travel to Pompeii

We’re of course doing plenty of research and have our trusty food lists and apps ready to go, but we would be ever so grateful if you posted your favorite recommendations in the comments below or emailed us.

Anah and I have been to Rome before, and Florence as well for me, but the trips were rushed and many restaurants we wanted to eat at were closed for summer holiday. So we’re looking forward to a “re-do” and also introducing LL to Italy!

Gracias and grazie!


Barcelona (photo credit: telegraph)