Of course there’s a restaurant in NYC that’s dedicated to bacon. Was there any doubt?

IMG_2873I appreciate dedication to a theme – by owners and staff. If you’re going to do it, do it 100%. But the earnestness of the no-frills Baconery Café in Harlem bordered the line of insane obsessions (aka it looked at the line and ran straight across).

Wall art, furnishings, etc. all had references to bacon. Note in the photo above that the street address above the door consists of bacon strips! And in the photo below, you can see the pig-focused television and movies ON LOOP! As in once the pig-featured scenes were over, it would skip to another show segment. It wasn’t like they played Charlotte’s Web in its entirety.


My friend and I went for breakfast/brunch and got egg (and bacon, of course) sandwiches. Generously portioned, flavorful, satisfying, eggs were nice and fluffy. Personally, I thought it was very good, but nothing so stand-out that I would make a specific trip back here. Other friends call the place “Amazeballs” though. It was a fine thing to do with an out-of-town visitor who loves bacon and who also wanted to go to Central Park. (Baconery is far uptown – near Columbia University.)


In addition to eat-in options, they have baked goods with bacon and chocolate-covered bacon you can take with you (they ship as well).

Baconery has a range of bacon for selection. For connoisseurs or wanna-be connoisseurs, Baconery offers “flights” so you can eat several bacon in a row and taste the nuanced differences!


The “Rules of Bacon” posted in the restaurant were entertaining.


Eat on,


Baconery: 911 Columbus Avenue (between 104 & 105th Streets), http://baconery.com