To dispel any rumors or questions that may have occurred due to my lack of posts…I am ALIVE and REAL. I took a personal break as things got so busy with work, jet setting everywhere, and events that were just not so happy 😦

This is my first post “back” and I wanted to start it off talking about my attempt and experiences with making these, ever so popular, French macarons.

Before I go into the details, I’d like to first take a portion of this post to dedicate it to my dog, Bailey. He was the BEST, most adorable, and sweetest dog anyone could have…I wished more people got to meet him to understand how fantastic he was (though if you’re a male, beware). RIP Bailey ❤



Alright, now lets talk macarons.

I remember I saw in a movie once, a guy was able to beat egg whites into fluffy, white peaks MANUALLY – no mixer used, only a whisk. Next day, I wanted to prove I could do it too. To my surprise, I succeeded (but only after about an hour of manually beating those egg whites until my arm was about to fall off)!

The point is, I like to take on challenges and macarons are not the easiest to perfect. My first attempt was about 2 years ago, I made a pistachio cocoa nib macaron with bourbon butter cream (below). The outcome wasn’t that bad but it was tooth achingly SWEET.

pistachio cocoa nib macaron with bourbon butter cream

My journey took a pause afterwards because I wondered if there was ever such a thing as a macaron that didn’t taste like pure sugar. Then, I went to the mecca of macarons: France. Laduree macarons (below) are by far the BEST macarons I’ve ever had! Perfectly balanced but pricey…leading me to my 2nd attempt.


I found a Laduree recipe online and made raspberry macarons. Though it may not have came out perfectly, but it definitely filled my macaron craving. I personally love raspberry macarons with a raspberry jam filling because of the slight tartness it gives to meringue based cookies. What do you all think?

Ingredients for the macaron shells

Ingredients to make raspberry jam filling