A “large” city in Switzerland, Bern boasts shopping and pretty architecture. It was a nice place to spend an afternoon.

The streets are packed with side-by-side buildings and storefronts, but Bern was also littered with sweet surprises. Peak through a courtyard or behind a building, and find a stunning view.


Walk down a flight of stairs, and find yourself in a Gatsby-era scene.


Kornhauskeller has a modern street entrance (basically just a large stairwell down), but once you step inside it is an impressive sight indeed. My spot in the lounge had a view of the entrance and I loved seeing everyone walk in, take in the grand setting, and give their companion that small smile that silently says “we’ve stumbled across something special.”


I only had wine, so I can’t comment on the cocktails or food. I heard the food is good – though seems like it/service could be stuffy based on the table settings. Regardless, this place is worth popping into even if just for the view, and definitely if you want to impress someone!


Kornhauskeller – Kornhausplatz 18, Bern CH-3011, Switzerland; Tel: 031 327 72 72