It has finally opened! And it is delicious. Stupendously delicious. The General Muir has finally opened across the street from work. I can see the building from my desk and I’ve been stalking its opening for months. General Muir is a Jewish deli concept serving fresh homemade bagels and pastries for breakfast and a mouthwatering array of breakfast plates (think: smoked salmon over latkes, pastrami and eggs, lentils with charred eggplant – yum!!). For lunch, matzoh ball soup and an array of deli sandwiches, including a double burger stack. The head chef at General Muir used to helm the kitchen at Bocado, which serves my absolute favorite burger in Atlanta! I’m excited to see the double stack here and I hope it will be similar. Dinner is coming soon. Everything that can be made in house is homemade here and the quality really shows!

We were running a little late for lunch today (1pm – nothing crazy), but sadly, no matzoh ball soup or any bagels left :(. I’ll give them a break. It’s only their second day and they’re still working through the kinks and figuring out volume. I ended up ordering the turkey sandwich to go, which sounds oh-so-boooorrring. It was anything but! Don’t judge by these horrendous pictures. My phone is ancient and I was too hungry – hangry – to try for a proper picture.

The General Muir Roasted Turkey Sandwich
The General Muir Roasted Turkey Sandwich

The turkey sandwich comes with roasted turkey, portabella mushroom, lemon crème fraiche, arugula, and gruyere on ciabatta bread. This is the quintessential turkey sandwich. Nothing crazy. Nothing fancy. Well, maybe the crème fraiche part. And the mushrooms. But it’s not contrived or snooty. It’s not trying to be something it’s not. It is just what it is: a simple, turkey sandwich done to perfection.

This was no deli turkey meat. No sir. Thick, carved-off-the bird slices were perfectly juicy and flavorful with a really great texture – firm and meaty (too often, I find roasted turkey sandwich meat to be kinda mushy and salty, even the stuff that’s supposed to be fresh-carved). I loved that they used bright, lemony crème fraiche instead of mayo which kept the sandwich nice and light without the heavy eggy flavor from mayonnaise. And the ciabatta was perfect. Really light and chewy with a lovely crisp crust – I hate it when bread takes over a sandwich and you end up with 2/3 bread with just a little filling on the inside.

aak! This picture is god-awful. If you look from far (far) away....
aak! This picture is god-awful. If you look from far (far) away….

On the outside, it doesn’t really look to be that impressive of a sandwich. Kinda boring. But don’t judge until you’ve tried it. Hands down, this is one of the best turkey sandwiches I’ve had. Ever. It’s deceptively innocuous, but so full of great, simple flavor that really makes the whole sandwich shine. It’s a little pricey ($9), but definitely worth the money for all the effort put into creating this perfect sandwich. It’s pretty generous, too. I planned on eating half and saving the rest for later. Yeah. Didn’t happen. It was that good. The to-go box was picked clean of every last crumb and smear of crème fraiche.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going in for the bagels. A New Yorker assures me it was one of the very best bagels she’s ever had. Tall words. I can’t wait to try them! They also serve Batdorf & Bronson coffee. Love.

Oh, yes. I also tried a teensy bite of brownie set out for sampling. Holy crapola. It was delicious, too! Really chocolatey, chewy, and not too sweet. Decadent. Yum.

I don’t think I’m gushing profusely because of hanger, but there’s only one way to find out! I’ll definitely be back soon.

This is a dangerous, dangerous new find. And way too close for waistline comfort. Oy vey.

Abrazos! Anah

The General Muir

Emory Point

1540 Avenue Place B-230 (across from Loft, around the corner from Bonefish Grill)

Atlanta, GA 30329