I have no idea why I find this video so addictive – the music, editing, woman?! I mean, this is about how to tie scarves!

Regardless, I did learn a go-to scarf tie – the Twist & Pull.


I actually find myself traveling with a scarf/pashmina year round (been especially useful as I’ve hopped between San Francisco, New York and Chicago weather lately). I use them for:

I carried this thin, silk-blend scarf everywhere in Italy because it folded down smaller than a deck of cards

A) Color because my wardrobe has unfortunately somehow morphed into the typical NYC “all black” scheme

B) Chilly flights – like when the person next to you has his/her air conditioning vent on full blast and it’s pointed at you!

C) Summers trips to places where shoulders are required to be covered when entering a church, and you need something easy to pack but that you can tuck into your purse when walking outside

D) All of the above!