An easy train ride from Paris (as long as you have coins/the right credit card to purchase train tickets), but a full day, so we tried to go first thing in the morning. Booking a tour through Versailles itself/official tour guides gets you private access to rooms that other tours do not get, such as the chapel and theater.


Going to (open) the chapel:

The chapel organ still works, so they have concerts every once in awhile. Can you imagine getting an invitation for a concert at Versailles?

Stunning theater:








Other pics from the palace (king’s balcony and Hall of Mirrors):



For lunch, check out a little shop near Versailles Le Fournil Du Roi (at 19 Rue Satori) for fabulous baguette sandwiches. It ended up being the best bread all trip! Anah, LL and I got the jambon pays (country ham that was like prosciutto) and reblochon cheese. Mama N got a baguette with chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, etc. Both were so good, but Mama N probably picked the better one. Guess mother does know best (did we just admit that?).

For the ham and cheese baguettes, ask that they be heated and you’ll get a perfectly crunchy crust. Sorry, no food pics. Too busy eating!

Service was really rude wasn’t overly nice, but oh well. At least it wasn’t a tourist trap and the food was worth it!

Other day trips to consider:

Mont Saint Michel. I used to stare at a poster of this place in high school French class every day. (photo credit: trip advisor)
  • Giverny – Monet’s home; those water lilies and bridges aren’t an artist’s imagination/interpretation – I was shocked to find out that’s really how Monet’s home looked!
  • Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte – fabulous château that most tourists don’t know about; was the inspiration for Versailles
  • Epernay – champagne caves/tastings
  • Chartres – especially go if you love cathedrals; get a tour with resident expert Malcolm Miller who has 50+ years of experience under his belt
  • Normandy & Mont Saint Michel – worth it, but far away (so just one day would be tough)

Any thoughts/tips for these day trips or others?