Especially for its quality and reasonable price, the Shack wins hands down in my opinion! (And here’s an in-depth “burger off” by Serious Eats, which compares Shake Shack, In-N-Out and Five Guys and Shake Shack still takes the prize.)

Shake Shack deliciousness (photo credit: serious eats)

In-N-Out tasted (and looked) like a slightly better Big Mac – though I will admit 1) I like Big Macs (don’t judge) and 2) I had In-N-Out at touristy Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I looked at photos online afterward of typical In-N-Out burgers, and the ones at this location looked subpar, so a visit to another In-N-Out is in order … solely for the sake of fair research, of course.

Regardless, you can’t beat the ambiance at the original Shake Shack location in Madison Square Park. The line is usually insane on a nice day, so check it out via The Shake Cam, grab some friends to socialize with while you stand in line (or skip to the B-line if only getting select menu items), and hang out in the park.

Isn’t that the fattest squirrel you’ve ever seen?! Bulked up for the NYC winter thanks to Shake Shack fries.

Beware of the aggressive and fat squirrels who survive off leftover fries and burgers though – they WILL come after you!

Recommendations: burgers ($3-$7; even try the ‘shroom burger, which is a Portobello cap stuffed with Muenster cheese and flash fried), cheese fries (not your typical neon orange movie theater kind), black & white milkshake, and frozen custard (look for the custard of the day flavor)

My FAVORITE frozen custard is red velvet, which has chunks of cake mixed in. The “shack-ago” dog is pretty tasty too. The combo was a perfect “last NYC meal” before I headed to San Fran for a 3-month project!


But what do you think?