On my recent business trip to Berlin, I didn’t have much time to go on a food craze as I usually do…but I did make sure to try a Berlin staple: CURRYWURST

I didn’t do much research beforehand on currywurst so I had no idea how it looked or how it’s served. I thought you’d eat it like a hot dog! Well from many recommendations, we went to the extremely popular (with tourists & locals) Curry 36. We got there and tried 1 of everything.

– Currywurst with casing
– Currywurst without casing
– Skewered beef soaked in some kind of brown sauce (direct description from employee)
– Order of fries with ketchup & mayo

Currywurst is something you must try when visiting Berlin but was it amazing? Not really. It tasted just like a sausage with curry seasoning mixed in…which is the definition of currywurst. However, on a late night out, Curry 36 would be an amazing place to stop in to get a bite.

DO NOT get the skewered beef! Beef was not tender and the sauce was mediocre – edible but preferred not.

The shining star to the meal was definitely the FRIES with mayo. The fries by themselves were delicious; put some mayo on it and it was, “OMG!”. I have no idea what they put in the fries but it must be crack because I OD-ed on fries and mayo the entire week I was there.

If you go to Curry 36, fries are a must and the currywurst without the casing was the best.