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November 2012

Birthday Banoffee Pie

So what did I end up doing with all that luscious dulce de leche? Continue reading “Birthday Banoffee Pie”

Cigarette Packs In Vietnam

Effective? Maybe if everyone in VN who smoked could read English … Continue reading “Cigarette Packs In Vietnam”

Nguyen-ing Photo: Wet Cakes In A Hut In Vietnam

Continue reading “Nguyen-ing Photo: Wet Cakes In A Hut In Vietnam”

3 strikes Blais

I adored Richard Blais on Top Chef and always got excited when the liquid nitrogen busted out Continue reading “3 strikes Blais”

Pickpockets, Mobilis, Apps And Other Paris Tips

(photo credit: apetcher)

Paris is small, it’s easy to walk, and the Metro takes you almost everywhere. Continue reading “Pickpockets, Mobilis, Apps And Other Paris Tips”

Dulce de Leche – Stupid-Easy Style

I have discovered a most dangerous, dangerous secret. Dulce de leche, is ridiculously, stupid-easy to make. Continue reading “Dulce de Leche – Stupid-Easy Style”

4lbs of Noodle, Meat & Broth in 1 Hour? Are You Pho Real?

Apparently so, as indicated by the photo wall of fame at Pho Garden in San Francisco Continue reading “4lbs of Noodle, Meat & Broth in 1 Hour? Are You Pho Real?”

Museuming And Lounging In Paris

Leaving off some of the main Paris attractions Continue reading “Museuming And Lounging In Paris”

Smoke, Lines, and Locals

…Or how to embrace street food and live to tell the tale. Continue reading “Smoke, Lines, and Locals”

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